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Dental Implants in Manassas and Bristow

Dental Implants are pins or screws used to dentistry to replace a missing tooth. Compared to other methods of replacing teeth, dental implants have become the best and primary option for tooth replacement recently due to the high predictability of success and comparatively similar cost to that of a bridge. Compared to a bridge, dental implant treatment does not require you to shave down or mutilate the adjacent teeth.

Implant has 3 components-

  •  The fixture- which stays below your gum line in the bone
  •  abutment which extends from the gum to the mouth
  •  Crown– on which you can chew (resembles the specific tooth which you lost). Depending on the site and location of the missing teeth, the process of implantation can be a 3 stage or 2 stage process. It means, one visit for implant placement and bone graft (if needed),second visit for gum remodeling and the third for getting the final crown. This process might take 3-4 months or sometimes longer.Mostly the implant surgery and gum modelling could be done on single visit, talk to your dentist before and know exactly the time required for the crown delivery in you specific case. Why do dentists still do bridges? This is a question which comes up
    the patients mind every time. True, when implants are a better treatment and has a better success than any other tooth replacement option, why will my dentist recommend a bridge. There are certain clinical situation where bridges might prove better, like if both teeth next to the missing tooth are broken badly and might need a
    crown or placing an implant is simple not possible in some areas due to anatomical limitations then your dentist might recommend a bridge. But these are very rare situations and most of these limitations could be resolved with proper treatment planning. Level of training is another factor which comes in play when we talk about
    implant vs bridge treatment planning, Dentists with limited or no training on implant dentistry usually prefer planning the case with a denture or a bridge as the first option. Cost of the treatment can also be a hindrance to some, but with new technology and array of implants to choose from, cost of implants have come down tremendously. A simple implant and crown with no grafting can cost as low as $2500 in Manassas. Tremendous amount of  training needs to be done in order for a dentist to plan and do an implant. A weekend course most times are not a great option. If you are looking for dental implants in Manassas or dentist who places
    and restores implants in Gainesville or nearby area, do visit us for a free consult. Our dentists have more than 10 years of experience in the field of implants and cosmetics and we can offer a variety of choices from single implant treatment to all-on-four full mouth reconstructions

If you need an emergency care in manassas and Bristow, call our office at 703-361-2345 to schedule an emergency appointment. we do our best to get you in immediately whenever possible.


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