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Emergency Dentist in Manassas and Bristow

What is a Dental emergency?

Dental emergency does not have to be necessarily painful or scary but if you think that you nedd to be checked immediately by a dental professional, then it is a dental emergency.
Our team at UNITED DENTAL ARTS encourages you to visit our office for any emergency care.
Dental emergencies can include-
-Cracked or avulsed teeth
– Infection or swelling
– Bleeding gums
– Discomfort in jaws and gums.
– Dislodged crowns or broken fillings.
– Accidents and MUCH MORE…
Our FIRST priority is to relive your discomfort or pain. Our team of dentists in our dental office in manassas work under best professional standards of care in a personalized environment.
Dr Teena sareen, your dentist in manassas will listen to all your concerns and work with you to give all the options available. We LISTEN and CARE  for you.
If you need an emergency care in manassas and Bristow, call our office at 703-361-2345 to schedule an emergency appointment. we do our best to get you in immediately whenever possible.

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